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Sort, focus, get insight, deal with paperwork

Small and Mid-Size Enterprise

Are you committed and motivated to your work, your goals and tasks – but bureaucracy, bills or new legal or administrative requirements slow you down? Do you need professional know-how for your daily work, for better structuring or team leadership? We will take a close look at your challenge and work out an individual solution with you – or we will take the work from you right away.

Associations,  institutions, small companies and self-employed people use our diverse competences to structure clearly, maintain order, manage changes successfully. You can also benefit from our commercial expertise for everyday office work.

On the one hand, you can rely on smart minds – we are familiar with numbers, structure and order. On the other hand, you can also rely on our hearts for your challenges, because we also have the necessary empathy to see and take into account the tasks and problems behind the figures.

Specifically, we offer support for these tasks

Daily business/communal support:
  •  Resolving conflicts within the team
  • Conduct employee interviews
  • Salary arrangements /contracts
Change Management:
  • Business consultancy: how much structure/how many processes are needed for your business and which structure is the suitable for you and your business
  • Practical implementation
Business Decline:
  • Regulations, conditions, legal requirements
  • Cost-benefit analysis
  • Consulting/Coaching throughout the whole process, including communication under difficult circumstances

How Can We Take You Further

Case 1

Example 1: Individual leadership style and leadership options for a school principal


In the three years after taking up the position, a school principal had difficulty working with her team. At the end of her possibilities, she approached me with the desire to get new impulses and alternative courses of action.


Through coaching with me, we first worked out the core topics and conflicts. Based on their understanding of leadership (“How do I want to lead? “) we have arrived at new approaches together.


The headmistress was able to develop a new perspective on the situation and change her attitude towards it.

Case 2

Example 2: An association becomes a limited liability company.


The transformation of a sports club into a limited liability company brought many new tasks for the managing director. He was looking for orientation and more certainty in action. In addition, his wife, acting as a shareholder, is also involved in the business was supposed to take over more responsibility. Therefore a reposition on many levels was needed.


In a workshop conducted, we clarified topics such as value work, business vision, optimization of the organization and role distribution. This also revealed the “blind spots” areas previously not taken into account. Based on these findings, we work together to develop measures and a timing for implementation. Specific cooperation was carried out together with other external partners.


The managing director has implemented the proposals to remedy the blind spots and has since taken on the issues while managing the company. The division of roles between the spouses has been clarified and arrangements for professional communication have been made.