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Start Ups

Your start-up has got off to a good start, but something is holding back your success in your own ranks or you no longer see the wood for the trees? Maybe it needs a suitable structure a new leadership perspective  or clear HR basics. Whether rapid growth or business decline, whether one-off projects or daily business: Our diverse leadership, organizational and HR controlling know-how helps start-ups in crucial phases to position themselves well internally.

When start-ups grow out of their beginnings, new structures and processes are in demand, regulations or contracts need to be developed or harmonized – or new leadership skills are needed to professionalize or change the interactions with the employees. With our know-how, we find the way to an individually suitable solution.

Based on our experience, we know how start-ups are ticking and in which phases and areas support will give the push forward or the necessary consolidation and clarity. In order to take you further, we deal intensively with your situation and your questions and stand for open and attentive communication with you and your team.

We are familiar with human resources management tools and bring in many other skills, such as professional communication skills, a high degree of flexibility and analytical skills. In addition, we have sufficient knowledge in conflict resolution by completing mediation training. Through the different skills of our team, we have a wide range of competencies and ensure that at the end of our journey together, we have the best possible solution for your business.

Specifically, we offer support for these tasks

Business decline:
Business growth / Change management:
  • Consultancy for redesign: Processes, Procedures and Organizational Structure
  • Harmonization of contracts and remuneration
  • Use of KPI’s
  • Business consultancy
  • Resolving conflicts in the team
  • Lead  Conversations
  • Team Building
  • Arrangement of salaries / contracts

How Can We Take You Further


Example : Optimization of the team structure together with the leadership team


A young consulting company has grown strongly in the past two years. Initial discussions revealed that structure, tasks and roles need to be adapted to the new situation.


In a workshop, a new team organization was worked out and implemented successfully.


The organizational chart developed by the team ensures that employees identify with their new roles in line with the growing company.